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    Pirelli is an Italian company based in Milan and is the world’s sixth-largest tyre manufacturer, known for its superior quality car-, motorcycle-, and bicycle tyres. This company’s tyres are specially engineered for luxury vehicles and supercars, including those from Audi, Tesla, Range Rover, etc.

    Purchasing Pirelli tyres Wellington from us at Teltyres Telford Limited will ensure your car with smoother acceleration, braking efficiency, handling precision and steering stability.

    Buy Pirelli tyres Wellington online from us

    To save time, you can also purchase Pirelli tyres online from us by providing your car’s registration number or tyre size. Our tyre finder system will show you all available tyres in the right size within a few seconds. Booking a suitable appointment is also not a problem.

    In case of any confusion while selecting car tyres Wellington, please consult our tyre experts. They will assist you in choosing the best tyres as per your car model and make.

    Best-selling Pirelli tyres Wellington in our inventory

  • Summer tyres (Top choice: P Zero)
  • The Pirelli P Zero comes with three solid central ribs on its tread pattern, ensuring optimum tyre-to-road contact, enhanced traction, and reduced braking distances. Also, its three wide longitudinal grooves ensure water dispersion, thereby optimising aquaplaning resistance.

    These summer tyres are also available in run-flat variants. P Zero tyres are OE for Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT, Ferrari F99 GTB, Audi Quattro R8 and Mercedes S-Class AMG.

  • All-season tyres (Top choice: P7 Cinturato)
  • These Pirelli tyres Wellington feature a compact central block pattern that ensures optimum handling and cornering capabilities. This feature also improves fuel efficiency and reduces CO2 emission. Its four wide longitudinal grooves ensure water dispersion, thus improving aquaplaning resistance.

    P7 Cinturato is the OE for premium cars like Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Peugeot, etc.

  • Winter tyres (Top choice: Scorpion winter)
  • These Pirelli car tyres Wellington come with circumferential grooves that ensure excellent wet handling and braking performance. Also, its new mould profile ensures progressive and responsive handling in dry conditions. The directional and symmetric tread pattern of these tyres ensures improved handling.

    Other top Pirelli tyres in our inventory

    • Scorpion All Terrain Plus (4X4)
    • Trofeo R (UHP)
    • Scorpion Verde (Run-flat)

    Therefore, please skip searching for “tyres near me” and turn to us instead.

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