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Are you looking for ADAS Calibration for your vehicle?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems [ADAS] are a prominent feature in most modern cars. These state-of-the-art safety systems use advanced sensors to collect data about your vehicle's surroundings. So, their optimal functioning is crucial to ensure a safe car handling experience.

At Teltyres Telford Limited, our experts use advanced technology to conduct ADAS Calibration Telford to optimally calibrate and align these sensors. Accuracy is very important, so make sure you get it done by experts. If you come to us - Teltyres at Spring Hill, Wellington, Telford TF13NA. Our experienced technicians can carry out ADAS calibration service with utmost precision.

Importance of advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Many accidents are caused by human errors. So, the primary function of this system is to avoid collisions and the possibility of injuries and vehicle damage. These technologies use the latest interfaces and vision-based algorithms for supporting real-time multimedia.

Safety-critical ADAS applications help in:

Lane departure warning: Moving off a lane without having your car's turn signal on increases the risk of collision with another car. So, this system sounds off an alarm whenever you depart a lane without proper indication. Moreover, some cars' Lane Keep Assist feature can retain steering stability if you can't respond quickly enough.

Automatic emergency braking: The AEB system of a vehicle can detect an imminent crash and alerts you to take corrective measures to avoid the accident. However, if you can't take action, the system applies an automatic brake to prevent mishaps.

They also assist in:

  • Detecting and avoiding pedestrians and cyclists
  • Recognising Traffic Signs
  • Detecting a blind spot
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Forward collision warning

Why choose us?

ADAS sensing devices, such as cameras and radars, are usually mounted on or behind the windshield. So, any physical change to your car can lead to malfunctioning devices. If your vehicle's windshield or tyres were replaced, consider visiting us as soon as possible. Look out for the ADAS lights flashing as a warning sign of the system not working adequately.

Here we recalibrate your vehicle's ADAS according to the OEM specifications to ensure you enjoy optimal car control when on the move.

Here are two types of ADAS calibration you can opt for:

Static Calibration: We conduct this in a controlled workshop environment where your car remains stationary. Our autobody repairers use the Camera and Sensor Calibration Tool to accurately set the sensor angles.

Dynamic Calibration: This procedure is conducted by driving your car at a certain speed with specific conditions while it is connected to an ADAS Scan Tool.

If you have any questions or would like to book and appointment, please contact us on 01952 249228 or come directly to our workshop.

With us, you can finally stop searching for "ADAS calibration near me".

We are here to help.

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