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    Associated with several motorsports events like the Le Mans Series in 2009 and the Formula 3 Euroseries, Hankook Tyre and Technology is the world’s seventh-largest tyre manufacturer. Based in Seoul, South Korea, Hankook is the OE supplier for Porsche Cayenne, Audi, BMW, etc.

    If you wish to buy Hankook tyres Telford for your car, drop by at Teltyres Telford Limited. We stock an extensive collection of these tyres across different sizes and types.

    By choosing Hankook tyres Telford, you improve your car’s fuel economy and ensure lesser carbon footprint, thus reducing impact on the environment. Their stiff carcass, rubber compound and stone ejection technology ensure a stable and safe driving experience.

    To purchase Hankook tyres online from our website, provide your car’s registration number or tyre details on the online tyre finder. Choose a set as per your car’s requirement and book a fitting appointment.

    Not sure which tyres to buy? Don’t worry, as you can always consult our in-house experts for assistance.

    Best Hankook car tyres Wellington in our inventory

  • Ventus S1 Evo 2 K117 (summer tyres): The Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 2 K117 is constructed with a high-grip harder rubber compound that enhances traction on wet and dry roads. The wide steel belt layer and high-stiffness bead filler within these tyres ensure steering responsiveness and optimum handling.
  • These car tyres Telford are engineered with a cooling system that improves heat dissipation at high speeds, reducing tyre blowout risk. Its water drainage features ensure aquaplaning resistance.

  • Hankook I*Pike RW11 (winter tyres): These are Hankook studded winter tyres that enhance traction on ice and snow. It also comes with numerous sipes and larger voids that improve tyre-to-road contact, ensuring lesser rolling noise and enhanced durability.
  • Hankook Kinergy 4S2 (all-season tyres): These Hankook tyres Wellington come with an adaptive intermediate compound which ensures grip and handling performance throughout the year in moderate climatic conditions. The solid brock tread pattern ensures short braking distances and enhances cornering capabilities. These tyres also ensure mileage and durability, thanks to their double-wide steel belts and robust sidewalls.
  • Other top-selling Hankook tyres in our stock

    • Ventus V12 Evo 2 K120 (UHP tyres)
    • DynaPro HP RA23 (4x4 tyres)
    • Ventus S1 evo2 (Run-flat tyres)

    To know more about these tyres, come over, or just give us a call on 01952 249228 today!

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