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Are you looking for TPMS Replacement for your vehicle?

Have you noticed the TPMS warning light showing on your car’s dashboard?

It is a clear indicator that you need to take your vehicle to our facility at for TPMS Replacement Telford, Wellington.

Teltyres Telford Limited is your one-stop destination for OE-grade automobile parts and services in the region. We are a well-established, local, family-run, professional enterprise actively serving car owners in Telford and the surrounding areas for over 55 years. In case you come across any TPMS issue, our team of trained experts will take care of it without delay.

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TPMS and common issues with the sensor

    • The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) in your car does a simple job scanning and reporting the real-time tyre pressure to the driver. You will see the TPMS warning light whenever the tyre pressure falls 25% below the recommended pressure.
    • However, this system is not without its share of problems. For example, the TPMS warning light might still go off with adequate tyre pressure.
    • Our technicians who deal with such issues regularly have compiled the following common TPMS sensor issues that car owners in Telford usually face.

Factors affecting the performance of TPMS sensors Telford

    • One of the most common reasons for false TPMS warning indicators is a failing TPMS sensor battery.
    • Another common reason for a blinking TPMS sensor light is incorrect settings. Different car and tyre manufacturers prescribe specific defaults based on the category, i.e., SUV, PCR, Van, 4X4, etc. You will need to contact our experts for professional advice and recalibrate the TPMS accordingly.
    • If you have recently bought a new set of tyres or opted for the wheels to be balanced or aligned, you must ensure that the TPMS sensor Replacement Telford is recalibrated to remove the possibility of a lingering performance issue.
    • Electrical issues like short circuits may cause the TPMS to malfunction, leading to false readings and warnings.
    • Physical damage to the sensors due to extreme temperatures, vibrations, corrosion, etc.

How to replace the TPMS sensor battery?

While a TPMS sensor battery’s usual service life is about 10 years, the battery life may shorten under certain circumstances.

In case the TPMS battery fails, it cannot be changed or re-charged. The TPMS has to be replaced. This is not a DIY project! You should always take your vehicle to a professional automobile garage like ours for TPMS replacement Telford.

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At Teltyres Telford Limited, we can guarantee that your “TPMS replacement near me” searches will come to an end. Our experts will provide prompt and efficient TPMS servicing and replacement (for both direct and indirect TPMS) at affordable rates.

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