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Continental Tyres

    Continental AG is a German tyre giant ruling the industry for years now. It is currently the fourth-largest tyre manufacturer in the world, known for its high quality car and motorcycle tyres.

    For properly EU-labelled Continental tyres Telford, consider visiting Teltyres Telford Limited today. We stock almost all Continental tyre models in our inventory, keeping in mind different tyre sizes and vehicle requirements.

    The different types of Continental tyres in our inventory include:

    • Summer
    • Winter
    • All-season
    • Performance- and UHP
    • 4X4
    • Run-flats, and more.

    Buy these tyres online: You can buy Continental tyres Wellington online from us by entering your car’s registration number on the online tyre finder available on our website. We will provide you with a list of tyres that match your tyre requirements. Take your pick accordingly and schedule a fitting appointment at our garage.

    Top-selling Continental tyres Telford in our inventory

  • Summer tyres
  • Top pick: Eco Contact 6

    The asymmetric tread pattern and precise sipe positioning of these Continental car tyres Telford enhance traction and increase tyre-to-road contact. This feature also ensures handling precision. It is engineered with the proprietary Green Chilli 2.0 compound that increases the car’s mileage and provides optimum fuel efficiency.

  • Winter tyres
  • Top pick: Winter Contact TS860

    These Continental tyres Telford are manufactured with a liquid layer drainage technology that ensures braking efficiency on snow and ice. This new system incorporates an extra channel throughout the tread block to ensure improved water drainage. It ensures aquaplaning resistance.

    The v-shaped tread design featuring Snow Curve Technology creates a meshing effect on snow. Its additional grooves and 3D sipes enhance traction on snow-covered roads significantly.

  • All-season tyres
  • Top pick: Continental AllSeasonContact

    The Continental AllSeasonContact comes with an adaptive all-season compound that ensures excellent performance all-year-round, as long as the temperatures aren’t too extreme.

    Other top-selling Continental tyre categories include -

    • Sport Contact 5 (UHP tyres)
    • ContiCrossContact AT (4X4 tyres)

    Therefore, end your search for “tyres near me” and drop by at our garage today!

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