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A properly functioning car suspension is essential for superior on-road performance and driving comfort. If you feel significant discomfort while driving and the handling experience is bumpier than usual, it is probably due to a damaged suspension component. Moreover, driving with a faulty suspension system can decrease the fuel efficiency of your car and damage the car wheels and tyres prematurely.

Teltyres Telford Limited is an ideal destination for car suspension repair Telford . We use top-of-the-line equipment to provide a free suspension check at our facility. Further, we use OE-grade spares, if necessary, to replace the damaged suspension components.

When should you opt for a free suspension check Telford?

Please reach our garage for suspension repair Telford, Wellington, if you come across the following symptoms:

  • Oily and greasy shock absorbers
  • Lower acceleration rate
  • Reduced comfort while driving
  • Poor cornering precision
  • One corner of the vehicle sits lower than the other three
  • Difficulty in maintaining stability while driving on a straight road
  • Your car nosedives forward when you hit the brakes, etc.

Opting for professional suspension check Telford and replacements is recommended to ensure your on-road driving safety and optimum vehicle handling efficiency.

Which suspension components do we check?

Our experts will inspect the following components to determine the extent of damage:

    • Linkages: Linkage rods facilitate optimal wheel revolution to ensure drive manoeuvrability and safety.
    • Shock absorbers and struts: Shock absorbers Telford and struts are essential to ensure your car's stability while going over bumps, potholes and rugged terrains. These components absorb impacts from bumps and uneven roads.
    • Springs: The springs in a car suspension system Wellington, Telford are key to maintain driving stability and comfort while going over a speed-breaker or uneven surfaces. Apart from wear and tear, these components are also susceptible to oxidation and rust formation.
    • Bearings and joints: They help to join the linkage rods and facilitate enough space for them to twist and slide for maximum steering control.

Factors that contribute to suspension damage

  • Going through potholes and over bumps etc. at high speeds
  • Frequently driving on uneven terrain
  • Missing regular servicing sessions
  • Driving with a damaged control arm
  • Misaligned wheels, etc.

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