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    Are you looking for Bridgestone tyres Telford for your car?

    Then, you can end your search here as Teltyres Telford Limited houses an extensive collection of Bridgestone tyres.

    Purchasing tyres retailed from the world's largest tyre manufacturing company ensures driving comfort, acceleration, durability, and handling stability.

    We stock Bridgestone tyres of different types, including:

    • Summer
    • Winter
    • All-season
    • 4X4
    • Performance
    • Run-flat

    You can purchase Bridgestone tyres online too!

    Buy Bridgestone tyres Telford from our online portal. Provide your car's registration number and tyre details. Based on your inputs, take your pick from our stock and make a purchase online.

    Facing confusion while selecting car tyres Wellington? Consult our experts. They will assist you in choosing the best tyres for your car.

    Some of our top-selling Bridgestone car tyres Telford

  • Turanza T005: Bridgestone Turanza T005 is a summer tyre engineered with B-Silent Technology that ensures less noise generation, providing a comfortable driving experience. These tyres ensure optimum performance during the warmer months. They are designed mainly for SUVs and supercars. In comparison to other tyres, the Turanza T005 lasts 10% longer.
  • Its dense sipes ensure water dispersion, thereby improving aquaplaning resistance.

  • Blizzak Ice: These winter-specific Bridgestone tyres Telford come with a multi-cell rubber compound that ensures water evacuation, which reduces the risk of aquaplaning. These studless winter tyres are constructed with numerous sipes and unique tread blocks that enhance traction on ice and snow-covered roads.
  • Dueler H/P Sport AS: These all-season Bridgestone tyres Telford are manufactured with silica-mixed rubber compounds that enhance traction and handling in any road condition throughout the year (in moderate climatic conditions).
  • Other top-selling Bridgestone tyres

    • Ecopia ep500 (run-flat)
    • Dueler (4x4)
    • Potenza (performance)

    So, why scan through the Internet for “tyres near me” when you have already found us?

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