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Dunlop has established its reputation as a pioneer of superior tyre innovations. It is currently one of the largest brands in the world and manufactures tyres for several vehicle classes. To purchase Dunlop tyres Telford for your car, choose Teltyres Telford Limited. We house an extensive collection of Dunlop tyres in our inventory.

Buy tyres online/offline: You can drop by at our garage to purchase a set of these tyres. Else, you can also purchase your preferred Dunlop tyres online. Provide your car’s registration number on our online portal to check out our stock and take your pick.

After purchasing tyres from us, you can also schedule a fitting session at our garage.

Different seasonal Dunlop car tyres Telford

    • SP Sport Maxx RT 2


      These Dunlop tyres received the EVO Tyre Award in 2018 for its strong grip and precise handling. The continuous central rib increases tyre durability on warm and dry roads. These tyres' tread design boasts a flatter profile that ensures more surface contact, delivering stability and responsiveness.
    • SP Winter Response 2


These Dunlop tyres Wellington come with 45-degree shoulder sipe setting that ensures traction. This feature also improves handling on snow and ice. The innovative reverse snowguide tread design of these tyres increases the contact area, enhancing traction and reducing braking distances. Therefore, for optimum performance during the colder months, choosing these tyres is an ideal solution for you.

Other Dunlop tyres Telford in our inventory

    • Sport Maxx RT 2 (4x4)
    • SP Sport 5000 (Performance)
    • SP Sport Fast Response (Run-flat)

So, please skip searching for “tyres near me” and drop by at our garage during business hours.

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