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Are you looking for Locking Wheel Nut Removal for your vehicle?


Have you lost the unique locking wheel nut key of your vehicle? Are the lug nuts of your car wheels severely damaged?

We suggest you stop looking for ‘locking wheel nut removal near me’ and visit our workshop - Teltyres Telford Limited.

Locking wheel nuts, or lug nuts, keep the wheels safely secured to your vehicle, and these can be removed properly only with a special and unique locking wheel nut key. So, if the unique key is lost or if the lug nuts are screwed on too tightly, you will need professional help to remove the lug nuts without damaging the rims. At our workshop, our trained experts follow advanced methods for safe locking wheel nut removal Telford, ensuring no damage to the wheels. We use the best tools that increase our service efficiency and accuracy and help us offer prompt solutions.

In the rare case of us not being able to remove the locking wheel nuts with our equipment and conventional methods, we will safely remove them by drilling them out. Please don’t worry, our experts are adept at removing and replacing wheel bolts, used by premium car manufacturers like BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, etc.

We also stock a wide range of genuine OE-grade lug nuts, and therefore, can replace the damaged locking wheel nuts of your vehicle without much hassle.

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You may find several DIY locking wheel nut removal techniques online. Please refrain from following those. Wheel locking nut removal is an extremely intricate process, and if not conducted properly, can lead to several issues, like:

  • Improper drilling methods will permanently deform the locking wheel nuts and can also lead to wheel damage.
  • Also, if you have lost the special wheel locking key, you need to apply the right amount of pressure to remove the lug nuts. Incorrect pressure can destroy the hub cap and damage the wheel, leading to expensive repairs.

Hence, to be on the safe side, you should rely on our efficient services of locking wheel nut removal Telford.

Why us?

We have skilled professionals who are trained to conduct safe locking wheel nut removal Telford for any car model.

Being a responsible workshop, we never use air-guns or impact guns to remove locking wheel nuts as these often cause serious damage to the wheels.

Therefore, regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, you can rely on us for locking wheel nut removal Telford at cost-effective rates.

To schedule your appointment, or if you have any questions, please call us on 01952 249228.

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