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Malfunctioning car bulbs are one of the most common reasons for MOT failure in the UK. Therefore, if you notice a dim headlight or rear lights and indicators, get it checked at the earliest to avoid penalties and safety issues.

Our workshop, Teltyres Telford Limited, offers free bul check Telford and can carry out prompt replacements if deemed necessary. Furthermore, we stock various types of bulbs to effectively cater to a broader customer base and extend comprehensive assistance to help you choose the best fit for your respective vehicle segment.

What can lead to faulty car bulbs?

Apart from age there are several factors that can affect the longevity of your car bulb Wellington, Telford; the most common among them are:

    • Excessive vehicle vibrations due to frequent driving on uneven tracks
    • Malfunctioning voltage regulator
    • Inefficient bulb connectors
    • Issue of excessive condensation in the light covers, etc.

However, it is better to get it inspected at a professional workshop to identify the actual issue and adequately opt for the required replacements.

Types of bulbs we stock

    • LED

LEDs are the most trending car bulb Telford, which are becoming highly popular owing to their superior life span and extremely bright white light. In fact, LEDs emit about 150-300% brighter light compared to the older halogen models and are highly energy-efficient.

    • Halogens

You can also avail of superior quality halogen bulbs at our workshop. These bulbs are the most traditional ones, but they remain one of the preferred choices due to their cost-effectiveness and the warm yellow light with deeper beams that the tungsten filaments emit.

Further, these bulb Wellington are filled with halogen gas which prevents discolouring and ensures you enjoy a clear view of the road ahead.

    • Xenon bulbs

Xenon bulbs are a bit more costly, but they offer an about 300-450% brighter light as compared to the other categories. Like LEDs, xenon bulbs come with a longer life span and are legal on UK roads only if these bulbs were originally fitted by the vehicle manufacturer.

Therefore, after conducting a free bulb check Wellington, if we find any critical issue in your car’s lights, we will get it replaced with superior OE-grade spares to ensure maximum driving safety.

Therefore, hurry!

Look no further for a “free bulb check near me” and visit us instead.

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