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In the UK all vehicles over 3 years old must undergo an annual MOT test to ensure its roadworthiness. If your car does not comply with the standards set by the United Kingdom’s Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), you cannot drive it legally anywhere in the country. And, driving without a valid MOT certificate can result in fines up to £2,500.

If you are on the lookout for a reliable garage offering MOT Telford, Wellington you are on the right page.

    Teltyres Telford Limited is one of the DVSA-certified garages in the region offering Class 1, 2, and 4 MOT tests. We also offer pre- and post-MOT check-ups/repairs at affordable rates.

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    A brief guide to our MOT Telford

    Apart from defining the roadworthiness of your vehicle, MOT checks also highlight the damaged components that might worsen into serious issues. If your car passes the MOT test Telford, Wellington we will issue a VT20 certificate that deems it road-legal. On the other hand, a VT30 certificate is issued for failed tests.

    Issues detected in your vehicle are classified based on severity as follows:

  • Dangerous
  • Defects marked “Dangerous” lead to instant MOT failures. Such issues can severely compromise your on-road safety or have a detrimental effect on the environment. Connect with our technicians for expert advice on how to get these issues rectified.

  • Major
  • Similar to ‘dangerous” faults, “major” issues also lead to MOT failures. Car owners must get these issues rectified at the earliest to resume driving legally on the UK streets.

  • Minor
  • While “minor” defects do not lead to an MOT failure, you should get these issues addressed immediately to avoid aggravating the damage and paying hefty repair bills in the future.

    Like the old (pre-2018) MOT system, we still issue advisories for issues that are quite similar to minor defects. However, rather than identifying a car component that is already defective, advisories indicate a part that can potentially lead to an MOT failure.

    Class 1, 2 and 4 vehicle categories

  • Class 1 MOT: Motorcycles with a maximum engine capacity of 200cc.
  • Class 2 MOT: Motorcycles with engine capacity over 200cc.
  • Class 4 MOT: Cars (up to 8 passenger seats), caravans, taxis, ambulances, privately-owned passenger vehicles (up to 12 seats), dual-purpose vehicles, etc.
  • Common reasons for MOT test fails

    Several reports state the following as the most common reasons for MOT failures-

  • Bulbs: A DVSA report states that following the new 2018 ruling, almost 30% of all MOT fails in the UK are due to faulty lights and signalling defects.
  • Brakes: The same report also states that almost 9.6% of MOT failures occur due to braking system issues.
  • Windscreen: Approximately 8.5% of MOT fails are due to compromised drivers’ view of the road ahead, i.e., issues with wipers, mirrors, and washers.
  • What is checked during an MOT Telford?

    The following components need to meet the legal standards to receive the VT20 “pass” certificate:

    • Tyres and wheels
    • Lights
    • Brakes
    • Wipers
    • Exhaust and emissions
    • Battery and wiring
    • Windscreen
    • Seat belts
    • Horn
    • Suspension
    • Steering
    • Doors
    • Mirrors
    • Number plates, etc.

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