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In 2012, the European Union (EU) introduced new regulations for tyre manufacturers. This regulation mandated them to label their products with appropriate information about different performance metrics. The EU introduced this regulation to ensure that car owners can make an informed purchase decision.

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However, before buying tyres, it is essential that you understand EU tyre labels.

EU tyre label explained

The label communicates information about three essential performance metrics of a car tyre. These are:

    • External rolling noise

Here, the noise level of a tyre is denoted with three sound wave bars (measured in decibels). A model with one sound bar makes the least amount of noise, while the ones with three bars are the noisiest.

    • Wet grip

With the wet grip rating of a tyre, one can understand its braking efficiency on wet roads. The rating for this parameter is represented with alphabets ranging from A to F; however, "D" and "G" rated models are not for passenger cars.

To ensure your on-road safety, always look for tyres Wellington that have a wet rating of at least C or above.

    • Fuel efficiency

By knowing how fuel-efficient a car tyre is, you can save up on fuel expenses in the long run. Models with low rolling resistance reduce fuel consumption and lower CO2 emission as well. This is represented with alphabets ranging from A to G where “A” rated car tyres Wellington are the most fuel-efficient ones, and "G" rated tyres have the lowest fuel economy.

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