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Are you looking for Clutch Services for your vehicle?


Do you hear a high-pitched squealing noise while pushing down the clutch pedal? Do you feel the clutch pedal is way too stiff?

If yes, it’s a clear indication that your vehicle’s clutch assembly needs a professional check.

To resolve all clutch-related performance issues, you should opt for reliable and efficient clutch repairs Telford from a professional garage like Teltyres Telford Limited. We have a team of experienced technicians committed to providing top-quality clutch service Telford at budget-friendly rates.

Backed by the latest tools and the required technical know-how, we provide thorough inspections, repairs and replacements of the clutch assembly of any car make and model. We stock genuine OE-grade spares, available at competitive rates for your convenience.

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Clutch assembly – What do we check?

At our clutch servicing garage Telford, our experts carefully assess the following components of your vehicle’s clutch assembly:

  • Fork
  • Cables
  • Clutch plates
  • Flywheel
  • Pilot bearing
  • Release bearing
  • Pressure plate
  • Release mechanism, etc.

To enjoy a hassle-free and smooth driving experience, it’s crucial for all these components to function properly. Should we detect any faulty component, we’ll replace it with your consent.

Indications of a faulty car clutch assembly

The clutch assembly of your vehicle regulates the transmission of power and maintains a smooth gear transition.

Any issue within the components can have serious implications on your driving comfort and on-road safety. A malfunctioning clutch assembly will also affect the fuel economy of your vehicle.

Hence, opt for our professional clutch repair Telford if you notice any of the following issues:

Strange noises: A faulty clutch assembly will generate the following noises:

  • “Squeaking or growling” noise while you try to push down the clutch pedal.
  • Grinding sounds while you shift gears. These noises decrease as you disengage the clutch.

Odd vibrations in the clutch pedal:

Do you feel unusual vibrations in the clutch pedal? If yes, the clutch disk is possibly losing its grip on the flywheel.

Issues with transmission:

A malfunctioning clutch assembly might also make it difficult for you to get in or out of reverse or third gear. If the gear gets stuck, it might indicate faults with the linkage or it could be due to a damaged clutch plate.

Clutch pedal is too stiff:

You need to provide a certain amount of force to engage the clutch. However, if you need to put in extra efforts while pressing the clutch, there might be some faults with the release mechanism.

Slipping clutch:

If your vehicle moves slowly even when you release the clutch and accelerate, it means the clutch is slipping. The clutch might also release itself sooner. You should opt for clutch replacement services Telford from us under such circumstances. This might occur due to damaged linkages, pressure plates or motor mounts.

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