Road Hero Space Saver Wheels

As per changes in regulation in 2012, vehicle manufacturers are no longer mandated to carry a spare wheel in a vehicle.

So, what would happen if you faced a sudden tyre blowout or any other tyre-related issues in the middle of nowhere?

This is where Road Hero comes to the rescue! It is a unique space saver kit that eliminates the dangers of getting stranded on the road due to a puncture.

Therefore, spend some extra money by purchasing this kit from Teltyres Telford Ltd.

About Road Hero

Wheelwright is the distributor of the Road Hero wheel kit - a company featuring a strong automotive business presence. Their products serve various vehicle manufacturers including Aston Martin, BMW and more.

As per a report by The Times, motorway breakdowns of cars have increased by around 20% since 2014 in the UK. Data shows that about 224,225 cars broke down on the busiest roads of Great Britain between April 2018 and March 2019. This is equal to the breakdown of almost 25 vehicles per hour.

These figures are frightening when it comes to the peace of mind and safety of drivers. So, if your car was manufactured after 2012, it would be wise to purchase the indispensable Road Hero kit. This kit provides an affordable space saver spare wheel for as many as 108-wheel options.

Inclusions in the Kit

The Road Hero kit will help you cover all puncture-related situations and let you reach home or a nearby car workshop safely. This kit includes a spare wheel with an already-fitted tyre to its rim.

In addition, other fittings come in a storage bag with a breakdown kit, which includes all the necessary tools that you may require to change your car’s wheels. The following things come with this breakdown kit:

  • 2-ton scissor jack
  • Head torch
  • Adjustable wheel brace
  • Warning triangle
  • Gloves
  • Kneeling mat
  • Rain poncho


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