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Are you looking for Puncture Repair for your vehicle?


Are you looking for a trusted workshop that offers efficient puncture repairs Telford?

Look no further and come to us - Teltyres Telford Limited. We are a well-known puncture repairing garage in and around Telford. Our workshop is equipped with the best tools and materials, plus our experts are meticulously trained in this field of work. Further, we strictly abide by all the legal standards to ensure utmost safety.

In fact, our efficiency, honesty and affordable prices make us the one-stop solution for your “puncture repairs near me” searches.

Can we repair all punctured tyres?

It is not possible or safe to repair all punctures. Hence, the UK government has suggested some strict parameters that every puncture repair workshop needs to follow. Being a responsible garage, we abide by the guidelines and conduct numerous checks, like:

  • We ensure the tyre tread depth is at least 1.6mm.
  • Size of the puncture is not more than 6mm.
  • There are no exposed chords.
  • The tyre is free from bulges.
  • There are no major cracks on the tyre’s surface.
  • No DIY repairs have been carried out previously.
  • The punctured tyre's structural integrity is not jeopardised, etc.

If your car's damaged tyre meets these parameters, we will proceed with our puncture repairs Telford. If not, we will show you why and recommend a replacement for utmost safety.

How do we conduct puncture repairs Telford?

We strictly follow the BS AU 159 standards for our puncture repair Telford, which consists of the given steps:

  • We will first un-mount your car's tyre from the wheel and thoroughly inspect the nature of damage.
  • Next, we will locate and mark the damaged portion and remove any external object still embedded in it.
  • Following this, we will create a puncture channel from both outside and inside the tyre using a high-quality carbide mill cutter.
  • Next, we will thoroughly clean an area about 10mm-20mm larger than the size of a rubber patch that we will use to seal the hole. For this process, we will use a pre-buff cleaner and scraper.
  • Next, we will hold the rubber patch in position and draw an outline on the inner part of your car's tyre.
  • After this, we will buff the inner liner using an advanced dome buffing rasp to about 5mm beyond the marked area.
  • Next, we will apply a vulcanising accelerator solution to the puncture channel.
  • Next, we will insert a tyre plug and patch combination into the puncture channel and pull it outward until the rubber patch adequately attaches to the damaged portion.
  • We will then use a tyre stitcher and an inner liner sealant to complete the repair.
  • Finally, we will mount your car's tyre back to the wheel, cut the stem of the plug and patch combination and re-inflate the unit to its recommended pressure level.
  • As you can see, it’s a really detailed and intricate process, and you must leave it to our trained experts for the best results.

Hence, stop looking for a puncture repairing garage Telford and visit us.

Just come in for an emergency repair, or if you would rather schedule an appointment, please call us on 01952 249228.

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