Are you looking for DPF Cleaning in Telford for your vehicle?


If you own a diesel vehicle, you should get regular DPF Cleaning Telford services from a reliable specialist workshop. In this regard, consider professional vehicle service centres like us - Teltyres Telford Ltd.

We are a professional service centre specialising in DPF cleaning services. Our in-house technicians are adept in DPF cleaning in Telford. They use advanced tools and carry out the suitable regeneration process and ensure optimal DPF performance in the future.

Functions of a DPF

A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) collects carbon residues, fly ash, sulphur and nitrogen residues, soot etc, generated during the combustion process. Thus, it reduces the emission level of your vehicle. However, over time this filter can get clogged and will not be able to filter and accumulate the residues effectively.

In such a scenario, you should consider getting DPF cleaning Telford services.

Here are some advantages of your vehicle’s DPF:

  • Prevents the accumulation of combustion residues
  • Maintains engine health and performance
  • Helps your car in adhering to the UK environmental-friendly standards by limiting the toxicity of the eliminated gases

Signs of a clogged DPF

A faulty car DPF will show the following signs:

  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Black smoke from an exhaust’s tailpipe
  • Poor engine performance as the ignition process is compromised due to the hazardous fumes
  • Blinking of the DPF light on your car’s dashboard

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

Feel free to book an appointment with us today for a DPF check Telford.

How can we help?

Our experts provide DPF cleaning services for a range of car makes and models. Generally, they follow two methods as mentioned below:

Active Regeneration: We inject raw fuel inside the diesel oxidisation catalyst (DOC). This fuel removes the clogging by increasing the temperature inside your vehicle’s DPF.

Passive Regeneration: In this process, our experts make your car engine run at approximately 40 mph for around 20 minutes. This helps in rising the temperature inside the DPF to over 600 degrees and burns all the accumulated soot.

Besides these, our technicians also provide a manual regeneration process for your car’s clogged DPF. They possess in-depth knowledge of intricate details of a vehicle’s DPF.


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